POS OilSys have two components - Software module SALES and software module STORE. Each module can work independent or they can work together.
Module SALES is the software that manage the communication between measurement systems for fuels (dispensers, scales etc.) and fiscal device, also managing the sales from the store, real time invoicing and other operations in front desk. This software module is fully compatible with touch screen POS hardware. It supports unlimited work stations and sites and have functions like sound notifications for different preset events like end of the paper in fiscal device, low fuel in the tank etc. Each dispenser can be authorized or blocked separately or all the dispensers can be authorized or blocked together.



  • reliability and robust functionality
  • intuitive interface
  • speed and convenience of customer service
  • full control of petrol station staff 
  • detailed records of sales and deliveries
  • well-functioning system of discounts, allowances, promotions, sweepstakes and coupons for customers
  • compatibility with applications developed by NSYS - module RESTAURANT, module SHOP, module SPA, module PARKING, module FITNESS, module WORK TIME, module AUTOSERVICE etc.
  • support unlimited cash desks and office workstations
  • auto offline mode in case of loss of connection to server data base until connetion is restored
  • compatible with all printers in MS Windows
  • unlimited number of products and clients 
  • remote monitoring and maintenance via Internet
  • best maintenance network in Bulgaria




Approval №129FS