POS OilSys Self Service

"OIL SYS Self Service" is a self-service system for a gas station.Its operation allows completely unmanned operation and the possibility to pay with banknotes, coins and bank cards. The ESFM allows round-the-clock control, through a built-in camera, as well as signaling and notification in case of any possible attempts to manipulate the system or speakers.



  • Ability to work with all speakers supporting preset;
  • Ability to work with all approved level measuring systems on the Bulgarian market;
  • Possibility to order a KIOSK only with a banknote acceptor without a bank terminal;
  • Ability to quickly switch from self-service mode to checkout mode with an operator. which allows the system to be used to pay forecourt bills;
  • Video surveillance and recording over the Internet or in the local network;
  • Ability to work with only one of the columns of the object, which allows only a certain column to work on self-service, while the others can work with staff;
  • Ability to use bank cards with a chip and wireless bank cards;
  • Tank level monitoring, as well as intervention attempts and self-blocking functionality;
  • Ability to connect to a central server, as well as an office computer for real-time inquiries;
  • Built-in barcode scanner for scanning payment vouchers for charging;
  • Ability to use over 500 meters of paper roll;
  • Possibility of issuing an invoice if the data is available in the database;
  • Ability to work with more than one column by selecting the column before loading;
  • Autonomous power supply and monitoring of input voltage drop or attempts to open the box;
  • Possibility to add sms notification;


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