ZEBRA KIT is a portable terminal with a barcode reader. "Nsys" Ltd. developed this application for you, so that you can quickly, easily and conveniently work with the current availability of the particular gas station. It facilitates and simplifies the creation of documents for ordering, delivery, revision, etc.



Have you ever ordered too much or too little of a given product?

This is one of the big risks of doing a spot order because we can't see and remember the actual placement of every single item on the shelf. On the other hand, browsing the shelf does not allow simultaneous viewing of stock.

The only solution to this problem is to make the delivery request by browsing the shelves and scanning the bar codes on the labels or the goods themselves on the spot. This speeds up the request process and enables an analyzed quantity proposal.

The scanned barcodes are transferred to the warehouse program, where every single action is recorded.



In our application, the delivery of goods can be both pre-planned through the "scheduled delivery" function and unplanned.

A "scheduled delivery" function allows planning against previous deliveries that you can load into the reader and make the most efficient order based on the history of each specific item.

Unplanned delivery allows you to create a list of delivered goods without prior request, but at the moment of scanning them. For your convenience, the scanned items are automatically added to a list, where possible new barcodes are separated and prepared for input into the warehouse program.



After receiving the goods, you select "request delivery", followed by a quick scan of the goods. At the end of the operation, you receive a message about missing or delivered in more or less items. The scanned goods can be transferred and corrected in the warehouse module and only the actual quantities are charged.



With the "Check" function, ZEBRA KIT will display the name of the product and its selling price. You will quickly and easily find a wrong label.



Forget about tediously describing goods by hand. With the Ensys program, you scan the item's barcode and enter the listed quantities. Our tests with the program have shown conclusively that this feature cuts revision time by 50% compared to manual entry!



1. Only the device can be ordered;

2. The device can be ordered together with the software;

3. The device can be rented for 24 hours or more for revision or other operation;


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