Tank Sumps

TCI’s PE rotor moulded tank access chambers (tank sumps) are composed of 4 parts: 1) Base (with plain or pre-cut & drilled bottom) for installation on tank’s manway frame 2) Corrugated, on site height trimable) riser bolted onto the base 3) Lid with central access port and cap for gauging or inspection 4) Riser to base and lid to riser installation kits The flat panels of the base accepts both “EASY FIT” as well as Weld-on Cuffs. Three families visiting room are available:

SQ4233 Sump with 1m – 39″ square base and 0,83m – 33″ round riser and lid
SM4533 Sump with  1,1m – 45″ multisided base and 0,83m – 33″ round riser and lid
SM55xx Sump family with 1,4m – 55″ octagonal base accepting three different risers:
  SM5533TT Round  0,83m – 33″ TotalTite riser and lid
  SM5542 Round 1m – 42″ riser and lid
  SM5542L Round 1m – 42″ extended height riser and lid

Special designs are possible, such as a 55″ octagonal steel base directly welded onto and coated with the steel tank body. This steel base accepts both a 33″ as well as a 42″ PE riser and lid

PE Tank Access Chambers Leaflets SQ4233   SM4533   SM5533TT  SM55xx Family