Tank Sumps

TCI’s PE rotor moulded tank access chambers (tank sumps) are composed of 4 parts:

  •  Base (with plain or pre-cut & drilled bottom) for installation on tank’s manway frame
  •  Corrugated, on site height trimable) riser bolted onto the base
  •  Lid with central access port and cap for gauging or inspection
  •  Riser to base and lid to riser installation kits The flat panels of the base accepts both “EASY FIT” as well as Weld-on Cuffs. 


SQ4233 Sump with 1m – 39″ square base and 0,83m – 33″ round riser and lid
SM4533 Sump with  1,1m – 45″ multisided base and 0,83m – 33″ round riser and lid
SM55xx Sump family with 1,4m – 55″ octagonal base accepting three different risers:
  SM5533TT Round  0,83m – 33″ TotalTite riser and lid
  SM5542 Round 1m – 42″ riser and lid
  SM5542L Round 1m – 42″ extended height riser and lid

Special designs and non-standard sizes are also possible.

PE Tank Access Chambers Leaflets SQ4233   SM4533   SM5533TT  SM55xx Family